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Frequently Asked Questions

Free registration process
  • Provide profile created by, name, phone, password.
  • Click on Free Register link and you will have to enter on a couple of pages the details of the person intending to get married.
  • After you submit your information, your profile will be automatically created and you shall be given a 'Profile ID' generated for future references and login purposes.
It indicates whether or not you have updated all the important details about yourself. More details improve profile credibility.
Click here to upload photo.
Please note: It may take up to 2 hours for photo validation, after which it will be visible to everyone.
You can edit your profile by clicking here > Your Name > My Profile.
You can view how your profile looks to other members by clicking here
You will not be able to edit profile created by, name more than once. To make any changes to your profile, please contact us at +8801730713187
Your profile image and your gallery visible only for premium member
Your profile image and your gallery visible only for premium member
Your photo could be rejected as it does not comply with our photo guidelines. Or it could be under validation, in which case it may be able to take up to 24 hours to be visible to matches.
You can remove your photo(s) here. Alternatively, open your profile page > Click on the photo at the top of the page > Profile completeness > Edit Profile
Matches with no photos feature the avatar with an option to request photo. Alternatively, you can visit the profile(s) of match(es) and send a photo request
Get in touch with our customer care at +8801730713187
Right Life Partner is eager to help you find your right partneras soon as possible. Our customer care team will be pleased to assist you anytime if you have a query. So, you can contact our customer care team in one of the following ways:
  • Helpline numbers - +8801730713187
  • Chat live - works round the clock to ensure you get the help needed whenever you need it.
Partner Preference is a feature that helps you define your ideal spouse and set your suitability criteria. You will be intimated by e-mail everyday about new profiles matching your criteria. With this feature you would receive information about members suiting your expectations regularly.
You can search and view a particular profile by entering the Member ID in the 'Search by ID or Profile Name' option.
Your Contact details visible only for premium member
Your Contact details visible only for premium member
Matchmaker is the process of matching two or more people together, usually for the purpose of marriage.