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Terms & Conditions

The Right Life Partner, one of the most trustworthy platforms for matchmaking. These terms and conditions are aimed for legally binding you with the usability of this site and our membership programs. Right Life Partner holds all the authority to modify these agreements from time to time and the rights of admission are reserved as well. We are looking forward to replacing the traditional newspaper advertisements for your matrimonial offers with a digital platform where you can easily advertise and promote your profiles and get your desired partners easily. This is to be noted that the service provided by this website is not a casual dating rather it is for a serious and holy purpose of finding a relevant life partner as per your matches. Although the access to Right Life Partner is free, we offer Premium Memberships where you can promote your profile on various Right Life Partner properties like Inbox, Search Results, Emails, SMS etc.

  1. Acceptance of Terms of User Agreement

    In order to use the services provided by this site, first of all, you must get yourself registered as a member on the website/mobile application. This is an electronic contract which establishes the legally binding terms that you must accept if you want to use the Site and become a Member of it. Here, the term ‘Member’ refers to the person who is submitting probable information to the website in their own consent whether s/he intends to use the services being in a Free Membership or a Premium Membership. In order to withdraw this consent, you must delete your account and discontinue using all of our Services.

  2. Eligibility

    While registering as a member of this site you must consent that –

    1. You are legally competent for the marriageable age as per the laws of Bangladesh (18 years or above for females and 21 years or above for males)
    2. If at any time Right Life Partner finds out somehow that you are not eligible to become a member or you have made the misrepresentation of this site, the authority reserves the right to terminate your membership right away without any refund to you or your unutilized subscription fee.
    3. In case you are a Registrant or accessing the profile on behalf of the bride or the groom, then it must be implied that you have taken his/her consent at the first place.
    4. You intend to seek a life partner and must not use this service for casual dating.
    5. You will abide by all of the terms and conditions of this user agreement.

  3. Account Security

    You and only you shall remain liable for the maintenance of your login credentials (user ID, OTP, Password etc.) you provide while registering for this service as well as for all the activities that occur in your account. Besides, you must make us aware of any kind of unauthorized usage or breach you notice in your account and assure that you will log out from your account after each of the session’s end. This should be noted that we do not ask for your password; so, you must be cautious enough not to share your password with anyone.

  4. Registration

    1. You must complete the online registration process with due transparency regarding the information you provide to Right Life Partner. This is because the precise and efficient match making through the automated process of our system entirely depends upon the accuracy and most updated form of your information. Other than that, you can contact our helpline for helping you out with your registration process.
    2. We reserve the right to block the registration of your profile in case we find any of your contact details or links irrelevant or if it seems that the data is faulty.
    3. If our authority is informed of or come to know that the information you have submitted are inaccurate or incomplete then we reserve the full right to terminate your membership and forfeit any amount paid by you without any notice while refusing to provide our services to you thereafter.
    4. You are strictly prohibited from creating duplicate profiles of the same person as the authority will have the right to terminate such profiles and that too without any notice.
    5. You must acknowledge that the registration process and the services provided by this website are only for the sole intention of marriage and not to be used otherwise. The membership is only restricted to the registered members only. Competitive businesses or organizations neither can become the member of this website nor can use the service or data of our members in any type of commercial platform without our consent. Therefore, we have the authority to take appropriate legal actions in case any of these obligations gets breached.

  5. Role & Responsibilities of The Registered Members

    1. You shall protect the valuable information of your profile by providing a strong password to your profile with the combination of alphabets from both upper and lower case, numbers as well as special characters.
    2. For the usage of your profile and our services without any interruption, you shall ensure to keep your username and password very confidential.
    3. Information or data required by us shall immediately be submitted by the members in case of emergencies.
    4. You are requested to verify the credentials of the prospect such as family status, marital status, occupation, character, financial status, health status, educational qualifications etc. with due cation while shortlisting and satisfy yourself prior to making a choice of your match.
    5. For getting better search results, the members are expected to use latest photograph which shall not be more than 4 (four) months old. Using older photographs or photographs of others and false information shall be treated as the violation of terms and conditions.
    6. The members must disclose their precise health records while enrolling for the membership which includes any kind of pre-existing illness or physical disability. Otherwise, it will be considered as the violation of the terms and regulations.
    7. The members are expected to restrain themselves from –
      • Using abusive language while communicating with other members
      • Making any kind financial transactions with prospects or seeking/making such help from/to other members
      • Sharing confidential or personal data among themselves without any context
      • Being in a physical relationship with any prospect before marriage
      • Violating any of the laws for the time being in force
      • Being discriminative or making racial comments
      • Mentioning other matrimonial services while sending personalized messages
    8. After the finalization of marriage, the members shall delete their profiles by themselves or inform the authority for the removal of their profile.
    9. The members shall be prone to use secure devices, software or networks for enjoying our services
    10. The members are strictly prohibited to use any Chatbot or automated process in case of r
    11. You shall make all types of payments regarding our services, only into your account and not to any employees of the authority

  6. Our Roles and Responsibilities

    1. Our obligation is to provide a platform to the registered members in order to find their prospect themselves without any kind of assistance from our end
    2. We never prohibit any of the members from communicating you based on their partner preferences but you will have the authority to deny someone’s interest or proceed with that
    3. We shall protect sensitive user information using various incentives such as authentication mechanisms, encryptions, access controls and other security standards
    4. Profile searches conducted by the members are automatically generated at the platform from our end which is based on the partner preferences set by them
    5. We do not take the responsibility of the information while it is in transit or of the prevention for tampering of data by third party malicious contents until the data has reached our server.

  7. Customer Service

    If you have any kind of inquiry or hesitation, feel free to contact our customer service online or offline. You can contact us from the following information-

  8. Content Posted on The Website

    You must understand and agree that we may delete any content, communication, photo or profile which in the sole judgment of ours violate the agreement of the membership or might be offensive, illegal, harmful or threatening in context of Right Life Partner or its members. You are solely responsible for all the contents that you upload, post, E-mail, transmit or make available in our service. Under no circumstances will Right Life Partner be liable in any way for any content posted by you. But we do reserve the right to verify the authenticity of contents posted on the site. For this right, we might ask you to provide any documentary or other form of evidence that supports the content you post on the site. If you fail to produce such evidence against your content, we can even terminate your membership in our sole discretion. The members must refrain themselves from content that –

    • Contains restricted without password or hidden pages which are not actually accessible
    • Are offensive to certain community promoting racism, hatred or bullying of any kind
    • Involves the spamming through mails or any fishing website
    • Promotes information that are misleading, abusive, threatening, obscene or defamatory
    • Contains unauthorized copyrighted work someone else such as links for pirated movies, music and all
    • Displays pornographic or sexually explicit material of any type
    • Provides information violating anyone’s privacy
    • Contains material which exploits persons under the age of 18
    • Conducts commercial activities without any prior consent of ours

    Therefore, you must use the service provided by Right Life Partner in such a manner that it does not violate any of the local, state federal or national laws, rules and regulations.

  9. Copyright Policy

    The members shall never share, post or reproduce any type of copyrighted material, trademark or such other information without obtaining a written consent of the owner of that proprietary rights. On the contrary, if you believe that your work has been copied or reproduced by other members, you must provide us the following information about that –

    • Physical or electronic signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of copyright interest
    • Description of the work that you claim has been copied
    • Description of the destination, where the material that you claim has been infringed
    • Your address, telephone number and E-mail address
    • A written statement by you that you have a firm belief of the unauthorized use of that material
    • A solid statement by you, that the above information in your notice are accurate and you are the copyright owner or you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner

  10. Dispute between the members

    The members are solely responsible for the communications with prospect. Right Life Partner reserves the right but disclaims the liability for monitoring any kind of monetary transactions, interaction or exchange of information among the members via E-mail, chat or other social media platforms. We have no obligations to monitor any disputes arising between the members and shall not be a party towards such litigations either. But we do reserve the right to take appropriate actions against the errant members who contaminates the environment of this site.

  11. Privacy and Confidentiality

    The whole service from our side is governed by our Privacy Policy; follow the guidelines to protect your privacy.
    Right Life Partner shall be free to use any feedback you provide on an unrestricted and non-confidential manner. By a feedback you admit that –

    • Your feedback does not contain confidential information about yourself or others
    • You are not entitled to any reimbursement or compensation for the feedback under any circumstances
    • The members are not under any obligation of confidentiality in respect of the feedback, expressed or implied

  12. Limitations on Liability

    The Right Life Partner in no circumstances, shall be liable to the members or third party for any consequential, incidental, indirect, exemplary or punitive damages arising from the usage of the site even if we have notified you about the possibilities of such damages. So, our liability to you will at all times be limited to the amount paid by you for the service, during the term of membership.

  13. Indemnity

    By the terms of our service, you agree to hold Right Life Partner, our subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, officers, partners and employees totally indemnified and harmless of any loss, demand or claim including attorney’s fees, made by any third party or arising from any breach of the terms or fraudulent act from your side.

  14. Termination

    The authority reserves the right to terminate or suspend your membership and profile at our sole discretion even without a notice if you do any such activities mentioned below:

    • Provide inaccurate information while registering
    • Commit any fraudulent or unlawful activities using the website
    • Seek financial, influential or physical favors from any of the members
    • Violate any of the terms and regulations regarding this service
    • In case your membership has been terminated in context of a complaint filed against you, we shall not be responsible for any kind of loss, expense or consequences of any manner.
    • After the termination of the membership, your right to access our services will automatically be ceased and this shall not relieve you from any of the obligations arising prior to the termination.

  15. Disclaimer

    The Right Life Partner shall never be responsible for any incorrect content on the site or in connection of our service, whether it is caused by the members or the users. We shall not be responsible for any technical problem or malfunction in telephone line, computer system, software, mails, traffic congestion or damage to users, members or any other person resulting in connection with our services. The exchange of matchmaking profiles through our website is not a recommendation from our side and it is totally based upon the preferences and compatibility you set for a perfect match while registering. We can neither guarantee nor promise any certain result from our website, expressed or implied. We are not to be assumed for any type of illegal or inappropriate content posted by our users or members on the website. All liability, whether civil or criminal, arising out of any content will be of that member, user or third party who have posted or shared it on the site. Therefore, we do not claim the ownership of the content you submit for including on our website.